Power Chain Solutions
Power Outage?
Be prepared...

e-PCS plug & play power cable system

Power Chain Solutions focuses on innovations for temporary or semi-permanent connections in electrical grids based on single core power cables.

Used by (mainly) TSOs and DSOs worldwide during:

  • maintenance
  • repair work (e.g. after a power outage)

Key factors for above connections:

The use of loose single core power cables on or above the ground should be avoided. Securing these cables in a short-circuit proof way is vital for safety (and asset protection).

asset protection
To avoid possible damage of the above cables and/or connected terminals, especially during a short-circuit, sufficient support and adequate securing of the cables is paramount.

outage reduction
Being well prepared with fast deployable connections is of the utmost importance in order to minimize both the nuisance and the financial consequences of a power outage.